Ensuring Your Safety with Protective Clothing in Bristol

Whether you are looking for protective clothing or first aid kits, KARD Co will assist you in areas related to safety and personal protection. With our range of safe, reliable products, you’ll be well-equipped to protect yourself and your staff, using the right products for your needs. Our expert team even visit clients in Bristol and the surrounding areas to discuss your needs face-to-face and make recommendations accordingly.

colourful rubber gloves

Safe and Reliable Products

Our disposable gloves don’t break when you put them on! Trust us to provide you with the very best safety products, including:

Safety Products:

  • Latex and nitrile gloves

  • Rigger and workwear gloves

  • Face masks and goggles

  • Ear plugs

  • Disposable suits

  • High visibility clothing

  • First aid

  • Fire extinguishers