Cleaning Products We Use

Confident in our experience and expertise, KARD Co provides reliable products for all your needs, from cleaning and packaging to health and safety. Based in Bristol, our vast range of cleaning products includes various environmentally friendly rags and wipers, all made from absorbent, recycled material. From general workshop rags to low lint roller towels, we stock it all – even t-shirts!

cleaning products

Reliable Products

We supply a vast range of cleaning and janitorial supplies as well as protective safety equipment. If you don’t see what you need in this extensive list, just contact us and ask for more details.

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Alternatives to Micro-Beaded Cleaners

In accordance with recent changes in the law, cleaning products containing poly-beads and micro-beads will be banned. We are proud to announce that we now stock a new range of hand care cleaners as an alternative to these products. Contact us or download the leaflet below for more information.

Order Supplies

To order cleaning supplies, use the information below to get in touch with our helpful and friendly team.



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